09 February 2022


10 January 2022

The remaining works relate to:
• Ground level streetscape works which are progressing rapidly now
• South end communal amenity spaces being finalised including the pool fencing, paving and pool finishes.
• Landscaping works progressing with plant installation expected to occur next week
• Final defects to apartments and internal corridors being reviewed by architect and addressed by contractor

22 December 2021

The apartments in the first four storeys are now completed and locked up. Those in the top two floors are now being worked through by the construction and design teams for defect and quality checks before lock up.

The common areas and landscaping are finished last, as the builder works out of the building to prevent completed work being damaged by the last construction works. Landscaping and external common areas are due to be completed in early January and the building will then be submitted for approval as complete by the independent superintendent and relevant statutory authorities and Iris will apply for the new land titles to be issued enabling settlements to occur.

10 November 2021

All works are nearing completion!
Final touches are being finished up and building will be due for handover early in new year.

8th October 2021

Upcoming works for the next month include:
• External paintwork and finishes well advanced.
• Apartment works largely complete and builder defecting.
• Balcony tiling progressing.
• Scaffold removed.
• Works to internal lobbies and corridors advanced.
• Pavilion and pool area developing.
• Boundary/perimeter walls underway.

22nd July 2021

• Roof works complete
• External paintwork and finishes progressing
• Ceiling and wall finishing trades up to level 4 and level 5
• Fit-off of plumbing and electrical trades continuing
• Tiling to bathrooms and ensuites advanced
• Cabinetwork now progressing through level 3
• Stone benchtops and splashbacks installed to ground and level 1
• Scaffold to exterior starting to be removed
• External works to pavilion and pool area well underway. Concrete pool shell complete.

22nd April 2021 Topping out event by PACT

Upcoming works for the next month include:
• Roof structure complete;
• Roof cover and roof plumbing nearing completion;
• Stud framing well advanced level 4 and commencing level 5;
• Plasterboard linings and skim soffits following framing;
• Window frame installation and glazing progressing;
• Service reticulation moving with stud framing;
• Waterproofing to balconies and wet areas well advanced; and
• Internal tiling progressing.

25th March 2021 Topped out!

Upcoming works for the next month include:
• Topped out;
• Roof steel advanced;
• Stud framing complete ground to level 2 and progressing on level 3;
• Plasterboard linings and skim soffits following framing;
• Window frame installation progressing; and
• Service reticulation moving with stud framing

15th March 2021 Levelling up!

• Level 3 suspended slab complete;
• Level 4 formwork commenced;
• Services prelays advancing with slabs
• Services reticulation well underway
• External window systems starting to be installed

19th February 2021 Levels are being completed

You can now see the beautiful view out on to Henderson park from the inside!

15th December 2020 Basement structure nearing completion

- Ground floor suspended slab well advanced;
- Level 1 suspended slab pour 1 complete;
- Scaffold to level 2 commenced; and
- Services progressing with structure.

24th November 2020 Retaining walls advancing

-Bulk earthworks complete
-Basement retaining wall construction advancing
-Formwork and reinforcement install to first suspended slab progressing
-Services prelays progressing with slab pours

13th November 2020 Progress

Walls are going up.

3rd November 2020 Concrete Pour

Concrete is being poured in the basement slab with footings installed.

16th October 2020 Crane Installed

Dewatering for the crane base excavation is ongoing, complete the excavation for the crane base.

-Pour crane base concrete and install crane.
-Completed bulk earthworks.
-Install soak wells.
-Install formwork and are in preparation for concrete pour for basement lift pit, follow on with footings and basement slab, concrete pour programmed for mid-October.

More updates in the weeks to come!

25th September 2020 PACT Appointed as Builder

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that PACT have commenced construction at One Mabel Park.

This week de watering was completed on-site preparing for works.

Within the next two weeks, we should see the following completed:
- Earthworks
- Concrete crane base
- Footings and the basement slab