13/01 Another level higher

15/12 Basement structure nearing completion

- Ground floor suspended slab well advanced;
- Level 1 suspended slab pour 1 complete;
- Scaffold to level 2 commenced; and
- Services progressing with structure.

24/11 Retaining walls advancing

-Bulk earthworks complete
-Basement retaining wall construction advancing
-Formwork and reinforcement install to first suspended slab progressing
-Services prelays progressing with slab pours

13/11 Progress

Walls are going up.

3/11 Concrete Pour

Concrete is being poured in the basement slab with footings installed.

16/10 Crane Installed

Dewatering for the crane base excavation is ongoing, complete the excavation for the crane base.

-Pour crane base concrete and install crane.
-Completed bulk earthworks.
-Install soak wells.
-Install formwork and are in preparation for concrete pour for basement lift pit, follow on with footings and basement slab, concrete pour programmed for mid-October.

More updates in the weeks to come!

25/09 PACT Appointed as Builder

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that PACT have commenced construction at One Mabel Park.

This week de watering was completed on-site preparing for works.

Within the next two weeks, we should see the following completed:
- Earthworks
- Concrete crane base
- Footings and the basement slab